Secondary Section


The Secondary School (Grades VI to X)

Students are at a stage where they research on their own and record findings thereby developing individuality in each of them, or as a team to explore and derive a plausible solution, thus learning the concept of coordination and mutual understanding.
They have enough skill, strength and mobility to take part in physical activities too, be it in the form of physical training, karate or outdoor and indoor games. At ParleTilakVidyalaya (ICSE), the student is encouraged to find the right balance between academics, co-curricular activities and sports.
Life skills, like learning good manners, understanding etiquettes or even understanding conflict resolution techniques, handling peer pressure are ways and means of making the student realize his true worth in society.
A ‘Parle Tilak’ student is encouraged to handle a situation with skill and dexterity, under the guidance of teachers who act as facilitators, thus training him to become a responsible citizen of the future.