Our Logo



The Rising Sun stimulates activity and a state of alertness and dispels darkness and ignorance. It is a positive energy that wipes out all evil and generates inner peace and enlightenment giving rise to holistic values in our day-to-day life, advocating ‘Education for Peace’.

The colours of the Sun play an important role in the depiction of the Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (ICSE) logo. Yellow, plays a dominant role symbolising wisdom, creativity and intellectual energy. The rays of the Sun at dawn are scarlet, a shade of red with hints of orange. Scarlet carries the symbolism of red as a power colour and is said to be closely associated with academics and theology.

The rays pointing upwards symbolize the energy vital to our quality of life, giving out a vibrant feeling perpetuating mental growth.

The Sun is a metaphorical representation of life. Cultures all over the world have been enamoured by the Sun, with its life giving and sustaining energy.
The Sanskrit shloka on the logo, ‘Na hi nyanena saharsha pavitrarmiha vidyateh,’ implies that ‘there is nothing on this Earth as pure as Knowledge’, which is the essence of education itself.