Primary Section


The Primary School (Grades I to V)

Keeping the age factor in mind, the young minds are encouraged to use their skills with hands-on projects which are meaningful, interesting and colourful, thus whetting their curious minds.
Imaginative and creative ideas encompassed in activity-based projects have a better response, due to the inquisitive nature and bubbly disposition being more pronounced in students at this tender age.

Fine motor skill activities ensure proper development and promotion of the most functional use of the child’s hands to include a variety of important tasks which are important to everyday living.
The objective behind these ‘fun’ activities is to inculcate the spirit of tolerance and patience. They learn human relations—the importance of working together, playing together, giving and sharing, to be respectful and polite when learning social skills and the need not to harm, thus gradually preparing themselves for the future. The academics is basically handled through a wide base of structured teaching techniques suited to their natural disposition.
When these needs are met, the children are joyful and brimming with laughter leading to camaraderie and affability towards others.

In short, at Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (ICSE), they learn the basic life skills in an interactive way, where the emphasis is on a cooperative effort. Outdoor activities and visits to educational places increase their awareness further. The Annual Concert, Elocution Competitions or even Sports Day are some of the activities that showcase all that these students have learnt.